Star Bug (teague) wrote in growing_food,
Star Bug

Up Side Down Food

We're starting small. Just got some tomato plants going in the window sill. They're a little over an inch. Planning herbs next. What interests me, as a renter with limited space, is these hanging upside down tomato planters. Has anyone else had experience with them? We're hopeful that one of our sprouts will make it to being transplanted. What about other vines, like cukes?

It occured to me as a cat owner that recycling the litter buckets into upside down planters would be pretty awesome.
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i think there are cautions about direct recycling of cat litter/waste into food-growing areas. we compost, but i don't compost the cat stuff. check up on that before you try it.

my sister did 'upside down' tomatoes one year in Olympia Washington in a sunny window; that's my only direct experience with that. the next year they bought a place with a yard, so she never repeated it.


May 7 2008, 22:26:44 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  May 7 2008, 22:27:25 UTC

Oh! We don't recycle the waste. Just the plastic buckets. No, no. Everything I've read expresses that cat waste is very bad gardening material. LOL.

How were the tomatos?
ah, ok, i understand. you never know, you know? people read 'aged manure' and toss in the dog-pile from the front yard. not. quite. the. same. anyway, moving on...

i didn't get up there that summer, so i don't know first hand, but she served them in salads, so couldn't have been too bad.