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Can you eat your pretty plants?

Keep a few orchids if you are that enamored of them, but in terms of flowers, I've always loved those that are really sturdy, and/or edible. So many herbs makes great decorative plants (chives have nice purple flowers excellent as garnishes), and there are actually many flowers out there that are pretty and edible.

Potatoes have starshaped flowers, and would liven up your balcony in large pots. An Asian staple, the taro, is often raised as a houseplant for its elegantly tall stalked leaves.

Consider planting a fruit tree on your property for the long term, it's pretty hard to kill a tree and it could eventually produce a lot of fruit. A most necessary thing to do before planting a tree though, is to check where the underground pipes is, and how far its roots goes in relation to your house; you don't want basement flooding.

Plant your front lawn full of tulips, they are pretty and edible. Time it so that they will bloom in early spring, and will wilt before the grass is long enough to NEED cutting (the way I figure it is, if a small child or heck, a poodle, cannot lose itself in the lawn, it's short enough).

Save the ground space for the plants that really needs it. A lot of herbs can thrive in windowboxes, grand example being chives, rosemary, and mint (which can get invasive). Consider hanging baskets of strawberries if you have places where you can hook them.

Cut down on lawn space, it is a waste of water and a waste of good soil. Or don't have /pure/ grass lawn space, grass can be excellent for filling out the space between hardy edibles such as clovers (which also enrich the soil in addition to making a tea good for colds) and butterfly violets (salad). Dandelion leaves are a salad green, and I think their flowers are prettier then roses in their cheerfulness, but your local by-laws and loud lawn-mower-operating neighbours might consider it a disruption (and if the Sky Falls or the Zombie War begins, getting along with one's neighbour well increases the survival rate).

The last note crosses over to animal farming(?)...but for those of you who keep aquariums, consider breeding and raising apple snails, they can be eaten as escargot. The other home-raised protein source for those who can't afford a chicken coop would be meal worms. I've tried them and they are delicious, the problem is, meal worms need to be raised on grains. Apple snails can be raised on algae and other aquatic plants in the tank with them.
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